Haute Footwear: Your Best Foot Forward!

Haute Footwear is all about putting your best foot forward by tapping into the most exceptional footwear collections designed to meet (and even exceed) all your expectations.

Quality Products

Quality is everything when it comes to Haute Footwear. What we choose to put on our feet says a lot about us whether we like it or not. If we’re in the business of making good impressions on a daily basis, wearing poor quality shoes can make the job a lot harder. That’s why finding a shoe company with a history of making top quality footwear that looks great and feels great is important. Our company has been in the business of shoe selling for over 20 years. That’s right, we’re not ashamed to call ourselves ‘old’ because while we might have many years behind our brand, we have never sacrificed an ounce of quality and never fallen one day behind the fashion trends of the day.

Premium Collection

We have a passion for footwear and a passion for serving people. Our history in authentic, Italian footwear is manifest in every pair of shoes we create. Our shoes, handbags, belts, and sunglasses are all made with the highest quality and are extraordinarily fashionable.  We always strive to be innovative. While we are rooted in strong Italian cobbling traditions, we also strive to create new fashion trends with our shoes. This means going beyond the tradition and incorporating new styles into our shoes! All our products are handpicked meticulously from small regional designers who spend a lot of time crafting the products that fulfill all your needs.

Our Values

We take pride in how we create each and every shoe and we are confident that our process stands the test of time and wear. We believe that each and every shoe reflects on our company and since we take our brand very seriously, we won’t let any shoe fall below our high standards. That’s also why we offer high quality images on our site so you know exactly what your desired product will look like.  In addition to this we also strive to offer impeccable customer service. We understand that the best way to help a business succeed is to give customers a memorable experience (in a good way, of course). That’s why we offer customer support service with prompt answers to all of your questions related to our products.

Be Fashionable – Be Special – Be Elegant!

We know that fashion needs must be met quickly, especially when they’re related to something as essential as shoes. That’s why we offer an ground courier delivery in 3-4 business days. Additionally, we only use tracked shipping meaning you will always be able to track your order till it’s on your doorstep.  Lastly, we back all our products up with a 14 day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your fashion product, you can return it with no questions asked. However, we are so confident that you will love your new fashion product that you won’t want to return it.  If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that is made with the highest standards, exudes the latest fashion trends, and looks wonderful on your feet, then we think we’re the perfect choice for you!

Please explore our website to check out the various collections we have!

If there’s any question, or you need some more information about our products or returns, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is everything for us and we believe in offering incredible services.